The Charlotte Mason Co-op Spring 2022 Semester

The Charlotte Mason Co-op
Spring 2022 Semester
Online Classes

We’re starting the Spring 2022 semester soon! And we’d LOVE to have you join us!

Join The Charlotte Mason Co-op here >>>

It’s a place where you can find your Charlotte Mason community, choose your Charlotte Mason classes, and do it all “Charlotte Mason Your Way!”

We’ve added an option this semester to take classes without joining the co-op, but I still think it’s better to join the co-op because of all the fabulous PERKS that come with membership!!!

You have the option of signing up for LIVE, online classes or “go-at-your-own-pace” Recorded classes. Here’s the list of available classes:

There are SO MANY PERKS that come with joining the co-op! Here are just a few:

> Discounted Class prices – Co-op Members PAY LESS for both live and recorded classes!

> Discounted CM merchandise – Yes, we now have merch.. starting with a beautiful 2022 Charlotte Mason Calendar!

> Forum community – access to a private Forum for ALL co-op members where you can form friendships and get advice.

> “Co-op Gatherings” each month – live zoom meetings where we can chat, laugh, and get to know each other – with a Q&A session where you can ask our CM Experts questions! (see schedule below)

> 20 Principles Study – live zoom meetings every other week centered around Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles

Here are the Scheduled Co-op Gatherings for the Spring 2022 Semester:

> January 14th – New Member Welcome & Orientation

> January 24th – 20 Principles Study begins (every other week for 12 sessions total)

> February 17th – Mom’s Afternoon Tea / Ask a CM Expert

> March 7th – Homeschool Planning Session: How to Plan Your CM Homeschool

> March 14th – Mom’s Night Out / Ask a CM Expert

> March 22nd – Mom’s Afternoon Tea / Ask a CM Expert

> April 7th – End of Semester Party!

The membership fee is only $10 per month for the WHOLE family!

If you have decided to join The Charlotte Mason Co-op Membership, do that first so you can access the Member-Only pricing for classes and merchandise.

Classes are offered a-la-carte style so that you can homeschool your way! Choose the classes that fit your interests, your budget, and your schedule! 

Class fees are PER FAMILY, not per student! Yep, you read that correctly! We want to keep things affordable for you so that the whole family can participate. 

See the list of classes in Step #1 again here.

But whether you join The Charlotte Mason Co-op or choose to take classes without it, you will be asked to fill out a registration form that tells us a little bit about your homeschool. This allows teachers to get to know you and your students better.

When you sign up for the co-op membership OR purchase a class without it, you will get an email with a link to complete the Registration Form. Just look for an email from me within a few hours (email address is rachel at cmplenary dot com). DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! We cannot admit you to the forum or to any classes until your registration has been approved. 

We also ask that you list one or two references so that we may verify that you are, indeed, a homeschooling family. Security and privacy within our classes and in the forum are a top priority, so we take a few extra steps to ensure that we have a safe place for community. 

Please allow 2-4 days for us to go over your information and check your references. You may register for classes, but you will not have access to the private co-op forum or be admitted to any classes or meetings until you have been approved. You will get a second email from me once you have been approved. 

We’ll see you inside the co-op!

Join The Charlotte Mason Co-op here >>>

We’ll see you inside the co-op!


"The question is not 'How much does the youth know?' when he has finished his education, but 'How much does he care?' And about how many orders of things does he care?
In fact, how large is the room in which he finds his feet set? and, therefore, how full is the life he has before him?"

Charlotte Mason

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