Wellness for homeschool moms: Using Yoga to Reduce stress Do you need a little less stress in your life as a homeschooling mom? Did I hear you say a big YES?! I hear you! We can ALL benefit from less stress and more joy! Today we’re talking about how to use yoga to reduce stress for ourselves and for our kids! And we also discuss how yoga fits so well with the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling! You don’t wantRead More →

SCHOOL’S CLOSED – NOW WHAT?!!!EMERGENCY HOMESCHOOLING DUE TO CORONAVIRUS If you are one of the millions of families who now find yourself homeschooling due to school closures, this is an easy, simple plan to help you continue your child’s education at home.  Watch the VIDEO hereSee tips for a SCHEDULE hereChoices for CURRICULUM here If you are affected by this emergency, you are not alone. The Washington Post reports that worldwide, the coronavirus has interrupted the education of more thanRead More →

Charlotte Mason Q&A

“Help! How do I do ALL. THE. THINGS. in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool?!” This is the first in a new Q&A series where I’ll be answering questions that I get from YOU! Lots of Q’s and lots of A’s about homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method! It’s going to be fun and informative!  Today’s question comes from Charlotte L. who just joined our awesome Facebook group! She asks this: Q: “How do I fit in ALL THE CM SUBJECTS inRead More →