5 Tips to Establish the Habit of Attention for a Single, Careful Reading so that Your Child can have Better Narrations Have you ever read to your child and asked for a narration only to get that blank stare? [insert crickets here] Ha! Right?! I know it’s happened to me! Well help is here! I’m going to give you FIVE TIPS to getting your child’s attention for that single careful reading so that you get better narrations! And I haveRead More →

Beginning Narration in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Beginning Narration in Your Charlotte Mason Homeschool Do you have a new narrator? Or a student who struggles with narration? Here’s a pointer that will help: Start Small When beginning narration, start small. Read the passage to your child and ask them to tell you JUST ONE THING that they remember from the story. JUST ONE THING! That’s all! And then PRAISE YOUR STUDENT for that ONE thing! This is all about positive reinforcement and gaining confidence. We want theRead More →

Plenary Pointers Prepping the Lesson

Plenary Pointer: How to Prep a Lessonin a Charlotte Mason Homeschool Preparing a lesson can go a long way in helping your students narrate better.  STEP #1: REVIEW Review the previous reading. Ask your student “What do you remember from the last chapter?” and then discuss it a bit. Recall what happened to set the stage for the current reading. If your student doesn’t remember anything (and that’s ok for new narrators), then simply recap it for them. This stepRead More →