Fun with Sol-fa and Composer Study with RaeAnna Goss - Charlotte Mason Music Expert at The Charlotte Mason Co-op

Solfa & Composer Study Classesat The Charlotte Mason Co-op! Register NOW! Classes start Sept. 7th! Have you ever wished you could enroll your student in a music class taught by a Charlotte Mason Expert? Well now you can!  Our Sol-fa and Composer Study classes are taught by RaeAnna Goss, author of The Composer Study Companion and creator of Solfa Sofa! She’s an expert in the Charlotte Mason method of teaching music and she’s a Charlotte Mason homeschooling mom! Let’s take a look atRead More →

Lari Jo Edwards - Science Education Specialist at A Charlotte Mason Plenary

Meet Lari Jo EdwardsScience Education SpecialistAt A Charlotte Mason Plenary Naturalist, Scientist, and CM Educator Charlotte Mason Nature Study Classes led by a Naturalist, a Scientist, and a CM Educator? YES PLEASE!  Meet Lari Jo Edwards! She’s our new Science Education Specialist at A Charlotte Mason Plenary!  She has great things planned for us! Here’s a bit of Lari Jo’s background: Lari Jo has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Biology from Texas A&M University and a Master ofRead More →

Grief on Mother’s Dayand Finding Comfort in a Charlotte Mason Homeschool I was fortunate enough to hold my mother’s hand as she died. I comforted her and told her that I would take good care of my father, whom she left behind. As she slipped away from us, I looked out the window and saw the glow of a deep red-orange sunset enveloping the sky. It was the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. And I thought to myself,Read More →