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CHARLOTTE MASON HOMESCHOOLING YOUR WAY What does “Charlotte Mason Homeschooling” mean? To me, it means freedom. It means beauty. It means life-giving ideas. It means simplicity. It means nurturing all that is good in life. And most of all, it means flexibility. You see, at its core, the Charlotte Mason method is adaptable. You, like me, are drawn to this way of educating for some reason, some purpose. Charlotte speaks to you. But why are Charlotte’s ideas so stirring, soRead More →

5 REASONS TO JOIN A PLENARY SESSION Have you ever wished you could read through one of Charlotte Mason’s Volumes with an inclusive community? Now you can! Here at The Plenary, we offer Plenary Sessions so you can learn in a supportive environment. But what exactly is a Plenary Session? A Plenary Session is an opportunity to dive into Charlotte’s words and learn the method in an inclusive group setting. We offer support, annotation, explanation, resources, and discussion in aRead More →